Our Offerings

We have nine current offerings and several under development. Take a look at the descriptions below and then sign-up on the offering-specific pages.

If you’re thinking about something not here, don’t hesitate to ask us about it. We have pilot offerings in security and energy efficiency under development.

What We Offer You


We’ll help you negotiate better rates and buy clean electricity. We’ve saved folks an average of 3 to 15% over the past 5 years.

Savings: $3,000/yr

Trash Hauling

Most trash hauling contracts are full of tricks. We’ll help you get a fair contract at competitive rates.

Savings: $5,000/yr

Solar Installation

We’ll help you reap the benefits of solar rebates and go green for years to come with solar panels.

Savings: $2,500/yr

Natural Gas

Lock in great fixed rates averaging 5-15% over the past 3 years.

Savings: $800/yr


We work with you to determine your individualized service package and support local vendors and fair labor practices.

Savings: $3,000/yr

Copier Leasing

We have pre-negotiated pricing for the most common machines and service pricing, helping you save thousands.

Savings: $3,200/yr

Office Supplies

By working with CPA, members report an average of 12% savings per order with Staples Advantage & Office Max/Depot.

Savings: $600/yr

Cleaning & Maintenance

Higher Performing Providers at More Affordable Rates.  10-35% Off Supplies with our Bulk Orders.

Savings: $9,000/yr on services or $1,100/yr on supplies


Up to 25% discount for new or existing customers with the top providers in the industry.

Savings: $500/yr + 50 hours of staff/volunteer time