Our Community

We gather regularly to share best practices and tackle challenges together.  We focus on using our collective power to make informed choices that impact not only ourselves, but the greater community.

Come to one of our meetings and the first thing you will notice is our diversity. Not only do we represent of a wide range of sectors — faith, education, housing, labor, and social enterprise — it also consists of people of different ages, political perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and creeds.

And what do we all share in common?

A commitment to collaboration that drives positive operational, financial, and social impact.

Testimonials from Our Community

Troyann Watson

Executive Director at Emory Fellowship joined for THE RELATIONSHIPS!

"Although I was drawn by the financial savings, I most value the relationships that I have developed with other coop members."


▻ Troy supports the community as the Treasurer of CPA’s board
▻ Saved over $1,700 each year

Bill Potts

Executive Director of Operations at Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church joined for THE SAVINGS!

“We have found excellent vendors through the cooperative as well as tremendous savings.”

Community Savings

▻ Electricity: Over $10K per year
▻ Waste: Over $21K per year
▻ Office Supplies: Over $200 per year

Ellen Agler

Executive Director at Temple Sinai joined for THE SOCIAL IMPACT!

“We got an immediate financial return in the form of lower costs for electricity, natural gas and trash removal...and we furthered our social justice work and environmental values.”


▻ Switched to green energy
▻ Saved over $23K each year purchasing energy, landscaping, waste, supplies, and copier with CPA

Marilee Rist

President at Christ Lutheran Church joined for THE EXPERTISE!

“CPA offers benefits beyond just saving money, important as that is. We are able to tap into the extensive knowledge base of other co-op members. And membership offers the opportunity to be a part of a community of faith and justice oriented individuals who are willing to offer their expertise or talk through tough administrative decisions.”


▻ CPA expertise helped Marilee save over $1,200 each year

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